RL Doskocil Inc. provides complete operational and maintenance of landfill gas and leachate systems

• Complete system analysis to determine overall condition of system.
• LFG tuning to achieve site specific goals including NSPS compliance.
• LFG Migration probe monitoring and implementation of systems to control LFG migration.
• Landfill Surface Scans to determine overall effectiveness of LFG systems.
• Inspection and monitoring of continuous combustible gas monitors in site building structures.
• Liquid levels in extraction wells to determine amount of exposed perforations.
• Pump test in extraction wells to determine feasibility of permanent pump installations.
• Pump installations in extraction wells including air and force main installations.

LFG system repairs and adjustments including:
• Repair and/or replacement of LFG piping.
• Repair and/or replacement of LFG piping.
• Well head height adjustments.
• Grade adjustments on LFG piping.
• Low point sump station repairs.
• Air leak investigations.

LFG flare system maintenance and monitoring

Preparation of routine system summary reports including
• Tabulated individual well head data.
• Flare station maintenance data.
• System observation, issues, concerns and suggestions for improvement

Leachate system maintenance/monitoring
• Record of levels and compliance points
• Record of data flow measuring devices
• Troubleshooting pump and piping systems
• Pump and piping repairs

General landfill maintenance
• Site grade maintenance to prevent on-site ponding and erosion control.
• Installation of erosion control systems.
• Installation of devices to prevent migration of wind-blown refuse.
• Installation of vegetative cover.